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The Strange Opening Day, Part II: God Bless America

Petco Park San Diego Padres Major League Baseball

It was Thursday, March 26th, and I awoke to an urgent text.

For me, Major League Baseball's Opening Day is a ritual. I get up early, down a couple cups of coffee, put on a fancy suit, and head to the ballpark four hours early to soak in the excitement--all before I even utter my first words across the Petco Park microphone.

On this Opening Day though--one delayed indefinitely by the COVID-19 crisis--I was heading into my home studio to record a simple, yet symbolic, voiceover to the Friar Faithful instead.

The San Diego Padres were planning to play a recording of "God Bless America" before an empty Petco Park as a symbol of solidarity, at a time that would've marked the start of our 2020 season.

The singer would be none other than Petty Officer, Second Class Mike Dalager of the United States Coast Guard. Petty Officer Dalager is a frequent performer of anthems at the Padres' long-running Military Sunday salutes.

This special moment was broadcast live on Facebook and Periscope to over 41,000 viewers.

It was also captured outside the gates by Padres fan "Big Ahi," and picked up by national media through Petco Park neighbor Elizabeth Sanders.

It was an honor to not only introduce a hero during a time of national crisis, but also to thank our brave healthcare workers, first responders, and community volunteers.

I felt a sincere sense of pride, doing what I could, with what resources I had on this strange "Opening Day."

From home.

Alex Miniak Live TV Voiceover Demo

For more of Alex's work--including the introduction of God Bless America at the 2016 MLB All-Star Game live on FOX--check out the Live TV & VO Demo.

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