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The Attractive 2021 Mercedes S Class Cares for What Matters

Mercedes Benz Lewis Hamilton S-Class Cares for what matters
Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Last September, German automaker Mercedes-Benz unveiled the next generation of its flagship S-Class. Now arriving stateside, the opulent sedan features a lengthy list of technological and safety improvements beyond its standard excellence in craftsmanship, including: a 3-D gauge cluster with real-time eye-tracking, a massive 12.8-inch OLED touchscreen, rear-wheel steering, and active air suspension.

Car and Driver, when naming it to the publication's 2021 Editors' Choice list, called the new S-Class "beautifully tailored," "delightfully serene," and a "rolling statement of success." Autoblog agreed in its assessment by calling it the "model’s biggest generational advance in decades."

Mercedes' stellar reputation for high-end luxury and cutting-edge tech creates extreme brand loyalty amongst its customers. A whopping 80% of all S-Class buyers return to the brand for their next car purchase--an absolutely remarkable statistic.

Wasting no time to connect with loyal fans and aspiring buyers, parent company Daimler announced the new car's advertising campaign immediately following the unveiling. Titled "Cares for what matters," the full-length film focuses on meaningful moments in the daily lives of 7-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, 15-time Grammy Award-winning artist Alicia Keys, and 20-time Grand Slam trophy winner Roger Federer.

Full version (my audio at the :46 mark)

The campaign was co-created by Antoni Garage [Berlin], the European lead agency for Mercedes cars. Barking Owl [Los Angeles] was responsible for an overall sound design and mix that featured layers of newscasters making stereotypical assumptions about these superstars, only to have them directly contradicted by their benevolent actions on camera.

Reliving my days as a radio host, I comment on Hamilton as he stops to help a stranded motorist, all while his beloved dog Roscoe rides comfortably in the back seat.

:30 edit / Lewis Hamilton (my audio at the :16 mark)

Much like the celebrities themselves, the new Mercedes removes itself from clichés in what Antoni calls a "modern, minimalist, and iconic way." The 360-degree campaign started in mid-December, and continues to run with television, social media, and online format ads.

More about the premium sedan, including features and final pricing, can be found at the manufacturer's site here.


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