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What's It Like Recording a Big Video Game?

Alex Miniak MLB The Show 20 Sony PlayStation 4 PS4

I've been working on my voice acting role in Sony's upcoming release for PS4, MLB The Show 20. Ever since the release of last season's game, my first as PA Announcer, I've gotten this question a lot.

"What's it's like recording a video game?"

I've heard it from friends, from fans, and from high schoolers I've guest-lectured to.

In regards to MLB The Show, my answer is always the same:

"You ever play Mad Libs?"


Yes, Mad Libs. The classic pen-and-paper game where one player asks others for a list of random words to substitute for blanks in a story. The completed narrative is then read aloud, often to non-sensical and hilarious results... like this bit from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Mad Libs blanks are for verbs, adjectives, places, and things.

The "blanks" in MLB The Show are for teams, positions, first and last names. They're used to create the most realistic big-league experience for the baseball fan and gamer.

For example, a "story" that might look like this on a page:

Leading off for the [team name], the [player position], [player first name], [player last name]...

Can come out sounding like this in the game:


It's like no project I've ever worked on.

"Padres... Phillies... Pirates..."

This ultra-super-sized version of "Mad Libs" takes weeks to record, and can produce any number of combinations just in player names alone--real and custom.

"The third baseman... the second baseman... the first baseman..."

Starting with '20 release, gamers can expect even more names in the mix as minor league player rosters are added for the first time, as well as a slew of new legends, cities, team names, and an exciting new gaming mode appropriately titled "Showdown."

"Manny Machado... Kenta Maeda... Martin Maldonado..."

Will I be welcoming you to The Show under the bright lights of your hometown?

Step up to the plate. 🎮

Alex Miniak Video Game Demo MLB The Show Sony PlayStation PS4

For more examples of Alex's work in Sony’s "MLB The Show" franchise--including "Home Run Derby" and "March to October" modes--check out this Video Game Demo.



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